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Pamper Camping (all inclusive)

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Kayaking & Canoeing

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Lazy Pinawa Channel River Tube Float

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Our mission and mantra is to create memorable experiences!

Who Are We?
As home-grown Manitobans, we have shaped our identity by forging rich, international, relationships with people from around the world.  We are driven by wanderlust, culture, language, and above all memorable experiences!
What do we believe?
We’ve learned through years of experience that WHERE you go and WHEN you were there, all tell a beautiful story…but it is WHO you were with and WHAT you did, that explains WHY it was so memorable!
Why should you care?
Think about it…will it really be the place, the car, the house (insert other material items) that you’ll remember in the end…or will it be the experiences, the emotions and the people you shared them with that will really matter?


International And Canadian Destinations


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Traveller Nationalities


Individual Experiences


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Quan L

Went on a camping trip with Eduvacay and it was amazing! Everything was provided and we got to experience some of the most amazing activities like Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Hiking, Paddling, etc. I’m definitely coming back with more friends this year!

Tim B

The camping trip with Eduvacay was tons of fun. All we had to bring was a sleeping bag and personal items such as clothing and toiletries. Everything else was provided, the food was excellent, however the outings were the most fun, from canoeing across the open lakes, to swimming and cliff jumping. Overall it was a great experience and I would do it all over again.

Veronica D

The EduVacay Team was extremely friendly and was very knowledgeable about the area as well as camping. Tim and Robin provided an exceptional experience that included canoeing, hiking, learning to cook really good meals over a camp fire, and storytelling. I highly recommend the EduVacay experience to other students or anyone that wants to go on an adventure!

Gadir H

As a first time camper, having the EduVacay team with us was extremely helpful. Camping can be intimidating but having the support and guidance of the Eduvacay team made our experience extremely fun and stress free. Without Robin, Tim and the team we would not have been able to experience kayaking, cliff diving, paddle boarding and much more!!


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